The meeting of Won Young Jang and luxury jewelry brand FRED, titled "FRED's New Icon.

Won Young Jang named first domestic ambassador for FRED luxury jewelry brand, showcasing new side in sensual photoshoot.

Fred announced that Won Young Jang's bright and cheerful energy and her sophisticated and refined image matched the brand's direction well, making her the first domestic ambassador for the brand. Jang's unique fashion sense has been rapidly rising in popularity and is considered an icon of the MZ generation. The group she belongs to, "IVE," is also considered a representative 4th generation girl group and is expected to have even greater success in the future.
Fred also released a sensual photo shoot featuring Jang, in which she expresses a new side of herself that has not been seen before. She exudes a combination of sleek and modern, yet lively and sparkling charm, perfectly showcasing the representative collections of "Posten," "Chance in Phoenix," and "Pretty Woman.

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